We invite young talents from Ukraine! Click here.

28.01.2020 16:31

Studentische Expertenpools

Wir freuen uns, bereits über 1.500 Young Professionals in unserer Datenbank zu führen.


07.11.2019 08:52


Der Fachkräftemangel, verschärft durch die Digitalisierung, wird in den Chefetagen der Unternehmen weltweit zu einem immer drängenderen Problem.


02.01.2019 11:55

Qualitätsmanagement nach ISO 9001:2015

Um weiterhin höchste Qualität bei der Bereitstellung unserer Leistungen sicherzustellen und die Kundenerwartungen sowie behördliche Anforderungen zu erfüllen, hat die Schaeffler Services ihr Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach ISO 9001:2015 erfolgreich re-zertifiziert.


18.10.2018 09:57

Neues Auswahlverfahren der Young Academics

Systemgestützes Auswahlverfahren zur Optimierung des Recruitings


Program for Ukrainian Students

About Us

We are a consulting and HR management company providing best employees and talents to our customers mainly in automotive industry and IT. It was founded in 2012 in order to meet market needs with highly educated and ready to work employees.Since market is developing and economic balances are changing we are constantly looking for great minds and strong personalities. We offer great experience and working environment.

About the program

We invite students (who study pedagogics, psychology and other studies pertaining to humanities) to live, study and work in Germany while helping them to get a job. They can use their knowledge and experience in numerous kindergartens in which we propose to work. Kindergartens are located in Munich region and in Bavaria overall.

We invite you to study first and to work second. Therefore, being enrolled at one of German university is a prerequisite to apply for this program.

We also provide you with accommodation, so no worries about it!

It’s worth it!

Why would you want to apply?


  • It’s a great intercultural experience
  • You learn German culture and language
  • You earn money and accumulate your budget
  • After completion of studies you get an European Master diploma which is recognized worldwide
  • You broad your mind and become open to new things
  • Bavaria is quite central region in Europe and you can travel to different countries in a short time


We take care of you and it is for free!

You are eligible, if

  • You have at least B1-B2 level of German language
  • You are top-ranked bachelor student or you already have at least bachelor degree with grades from 4.0 to 5.0.
  • You studied pedagogics, psychology or other pertaining to humanities disciplines
  • You apply and get enrolled to one of the German universities (We can help you to apply if needed)
  • You apply for and get student’s visa at German Embassy (We can navigate you on the process if needed)

Contact and Application

If you are interested in our program kindly fill the application form below


Download your application process Step By Step Guide

Once you are registered our agent in Ukraine will contact you. 

For immediate contact give us a call:
Tel.: +380 95 170 79 87
Max Mazur
Email: max.mazur@schaeffler-services.com


For legal issues and further details get in contact with us directly in Germany:
Tel.: +49 157 80981107
Oleksandr Kiziun
Email: oleksandr.kiziun@schaeffler-services.com


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